Indigenous  Training

By D. Gordon E. Robertson - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Minose Miikana is committed to sharing Indigenous culture that builds capacity within communities and organizations. With our support, our clients have enhanced their knowledge of Indigenous culture and increased their Indigenous relations strategies. Our cherished clients have given us the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in First Nation communities, organizations and political bodies. The depth and scope of our client projects has led us to support in both private and public sectors.

Indigenous Services and Training Programs

Indigenous Services

Indigenous Event Opening and Closing

Many event coordinators are looking for a respectful way to acknowledge Indigenous ways of being at the beginning of events and closing. Minose Miikana provides opening and closing ceremonies, prayers, traditional drumming and singing. This service will take your event to the next level.


Understanding Smudging and the Four Medicines

Smudging is an essential part of many Indigenous ways of life. This workshop answers all the questions about the practice of smudging, the smudge bundle, and the medicines to do so. As you learn about each item in the bundle, traditional language and definitions will convey a rich understanding. Many agencies are providing areas for clientele to smudge and are not sure of best practices. Understanding Smudging and the Four Medicines is a foundational place to start. Staff will take away a working knowledge of an ancient practice.

This workshop is a one and a half hour certificate program including an interactive Q&A portion.

Medicine Hoop

The Medicine Hoop Workshop takes us on journey through the human experience in a cyclical fashion. We explore how language is a critical component in understanding our own relationship to all that is around us in the natural world and our spiritual connection to it. Our journey will reveal a deeper insight of humanity explained through ancient principles and teachings.

The Medicine Hoop Workshop is a two-hour certificate program which includes an interactive Q&A portion.

Eternal Principles

The Eternal Principles Workshop is an in-depth exploration of our responsibilities to one another, to the earth and to everything on it. Language pedagogy will lead you through the Indigenous way of being. You will develop the importance of the Seven Generation process of decision-making including how the Seven Generation process applies to the modern world and how the Eternal Principles can provide a fast-paced world with a framework of success through kindness.

The Eternal Principles workshop is a one and a half hour certificate program with an interactive Q&A portion.